Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or another similar device (a “device”) to identify you as a previous visitor to the Services. This can help us personalize your experience when you return or do other important things (such as keeping our network secure). You can’t see all these cookies, and they may be in any part of our Services.

What is a web beacon?

Web beacons allow us to gather information such as the number of users that have visited a web page or opened an email by reading the little amount of data that is embedded with an image on pages of the Services or in emails. Web beacons allow us to track user’s actions on our Services and in our marketing efforts. This helps us figure out what content people find most fascinating, which features of our Services get the most use, and what kinds of deals people are most interested in.

Cookies and similar other technologies

If your browser is set up to accept cookies, we and third parties who provide services to us may automatically collect information when you use the Services. This includes information collected through cookies and web beacons. Information collected by cookies may include, but is not limited to, the type of browser you’re using (e.g., Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), the website you came from to reach the Services, the type of device you used to access the Services (e.g., a computer running Microsoft Windows, an iOS device, an Android device, etc.), the device’s unique IP address, and your usage and browsing habits.

How can I manage cookies?

You can modify your cookie settings at any time by selecting the “Cookie settings” link at the bottom of the Common Sense website you are now viewing. This includes providing or withdrawing consent to any superfluous cookies. As mentioned further below, we maintain two distinct websites, each with its cookie management.

  • List of Cookies
  • Cookie-List

You can also exercise cookie choices in a browser, such as erasing previously placed cookies or modifying your browser settings to inform you when you get a cookie or to reject cookies in general. However, if you disable this feature, you will be unable to enjoy certain of our Services’ features. To learn more about how to manage your browser’s privacy settings and cookies, click the appropriate link below.

What are the different types of cookies?

Persistent vs. session cookies

Session cookies.  These are temporary and are removed from your device at the end of your session when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies.  These remain on your computer for a predetermined amount of time after you’ve closed your browser. In cases where we or a third party require continued identification of you during successive browsing sessions, we may continue to use such identifiers. Two (2) years is the maximum allowed lifetime of any “persistent” cookie.

First and Third-party cookies

Local cookies(First Party Cookies). Our website utilizes these to provide you with the best experience possible.

Advertiser cookies. (Third-Party Cookies) These are cookies used inside our Services that were set by a third party. Third-party analytics providers also employ a form of a cookie to collect and report usage information that helps us improve our Services.

What categories of cookies and similar technologies do we use?

We may utilize all or some of the following first and third-party cookies depending on the sort of account you have (e.g., Adult, Teen, or Child), whether you are logged into that account, or whether you are a Plus subscriber. The most recent details can be found in our Cookie preference center (also accessible at Cookie List and Cookie List). Please note that only strictly required cookies are turned on by default for European users:

Necessary Cookies.  It is not possible to disable essential cookies, which are used for the proper functioning of our site and services. Cookies are used to assist manage access to password-protected portions of our site and keep it available to users like you. If we restrict access to our content—for example, if we only allow specific subscribers to have unrestricted access—we may use cookies and similar monitoring technology to monitor and enforce these restrictions (for example, to reviews). Some features of the site, such as account creation, may not function if your browser is set to block or notify you of these cookies.

Analytics Cookies. To track user behavior for analytics purposes, cookies are used. We can learn a lot about users’ aggregate behavior thanks to the data stored in cookies. To gauge and enhance our site’s effectiveness, we use analytics cookies to track user sessions and identify the origins of our traffic. Whenever a user younger than 13 is logged into their account, we disable these cookies.

Personalization Cookies.  By using these cookies, we can provide you with better service and a more streamlined online experience. When you return to our Site, they will identify you and provide further assistance. For instance, cookies allow us to track your preferences and tailor our service to you. Whenever a user younger than 13 is logged into their account, we disable these cookies.

We have indicated in our Privacy Policy that some of the aforementioned may gather personal data even if others do not.

Our  GamesNews and Guide Portals

In the meanwhile, we run two very similar websites:

  • is where we promote and make available our advocacy, research, and other work, as well as providing age-appropriate ratings for many forms of media (movies play, TV games, video games, games setup box, etc.).
  • is our dedicated guidance Portal, where we share information about our Privacy Program and our Tech Reviews among other free guidance resources.

Though superficially identical, these websites are powered by different systems, so adjusting your cookie settings on one will have no bearing on the other. Each of our websites has its link to our Cookie Preference Center, so if you want your settings to remain consistent across all of our properties, you’ll need to go through the extra step of matching those settings.