Total War: Pharaoh Review – Unraveling The Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt


Total War: Pharaoh marks a triumphant return to historical strategy gaming, immersing players in the grandeur of ancient Egypt. Creative Assembly Sophia has skillfully crafted a gaming experience transcending time, capturing the essence of the Late Bronze Age with meticulous attention to detail. The beautifully detailed map of the Nile Valley serves as a canvas for players to navigate, with challenging geography, stunning visuals, and an interface reminiscent of the Valley of Kings. Egypt itself emerges as the star, exhibiting its personality through effective lighting, challenging landscapes, and a campaign rich in depth and historical authenticity.

The strategic challenges presented in Total War: Pharaoh elevate the gameplay to new heights, making it noticeably more challenging than recent titles. The Sea People’s invasion, the winding Nile, and the inhospitable deserts create a dynamic and engaging experience. The campaign unfolds with a richness unmatched by its predecessors, featuring an in-depth set of empire management mechanics. Outposts, waystations, and trading posts add layers of complexity, creating a nuanced strategic environment. As players embark on campaigns as diverse factions within Egypt, they navigate political intricacies, face civil wars, and earn the favor of the gods. Total War: Pharaoh is not just a game; it’s a captivating journey through history, offering an unparalleled blend of historical accuracy and strategic gameplay.

Steam Total War Pharaoh

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Unveiling Egypt: The Star of the Show

One cannot help but be captivated by the meticulously detailed map of the Nile Valley. The Late Bronze Age setting is brought to life with vibrant visuals and an interface that mirrors the grandeur of the Valley of Kings. Yet, it is Egypt itself that steals the spotlight, with its personality shining through in every aspect of the game – from art and lighting to challenging geography.

The geography heavily influences strategic decisions, with the winding Nile serving as both a lifeline and a potential vulnerability. The Sea People’s invasion adds an extra layer of urgency, making each campaign a thrilling race against time. Total War: Pharaoh, in comparison to recent titles, is notably more challenging, offering a satisfying balance for seasoned players.

Empire Management: A New Layer of Complexity

Total War Pharaoh introduces an in-depth set of empire management mechanics, elevating the gameplay to new heights. The addition of outposts and their varied functions, from monumental monuments to defensive forts, adds a layer of strategic depth. Building waystations and trading posts creates a network for swift overland travel, but a single raid can leave armies stranded.

The campaign’s richness is further enhanced by robust systems for court politics, civil wars, and earning the favor of the gods. While these mechanics shine in Egypt, some minor bugs affect the overall experience. Nonetheless, the careful thought put into these elements is evident, providing players with interesting decisions and playstyle choices.

Beyond Egypt: The Peripheries and Their Shortcomings

While Egypt thrives with political richness and diverse playstyles, the peripheral regions feel somewhat lacking. The map’s borders create awkward and unnatural divisions, with some areas feeling cramped and cut off. The absence of Mesopotamian heavy-hitters and incomplete representation of key regions, like Canaan and Anatolia, leaves a taste of incompleteness.

The Hittites, while offering a wide roster, lack the same depth as Egypt. Each region outside Egypt lacks the same political intrigue, making them feel more like side stories than integral parts of the grand narrative.

Battles: Tactically Satisfying with a Historical Twist

Total War: Pharaoh’s battles are a visual spectacle, with diverse units offering unique strengths and tactical possibilities. The pacing is commendable, with infantry engagements slowed for more strategic maneuvering. The introduction of weather effects adds a dynamic element, turning the tide of battles in unexpected ways.

Chariots, however, remain a challenge in terms of micro-management, and their utility is questionable. The absence of cavalry in this era makes them the most mobile units, yet their micro-intensive nature makes them less appealing than additional infantry units.

Total War Pharaoh Review

The provided text appears to be a detailed review of Total War Pharaoh. It discusses various aspects of the game, including its setting in ancient Egypt, the intricacies of the campaign and battle maps, the challenges presented by the Sea People’s invasion, and the in-depth empire management mechanics. The reviewer praises the game’s visuals, strategic depth, and the unique geographical considerations that impact gameplay.

The review also touches on the game’s challenging nature, emphasizing that Total War Pharaoh provides a satisfying balance for players seeking difficulty. It highlights the richness of the campaign, with a focus on Egypt, and commends the game’s efforts to represent the historical context of the Late Bronze Age.

However, the review does acknowledge some rough edges, particularly in peripheral regions outside of Egypt. It mentions bugs affecting certain mechanics and suggests that the best aspects of the campaign shine more brightly when playing in Egypt.

In terms of battles, the review applauds the diverse and visually stunning nature of the battles in Total War: Pharaoh. It also notes the strategic depth added by new unit weight classes, weather effects, and the ability to wear down armor during battle.

The overall verdict is positive, declaring that the historical Total War is back with Total War: Pharaoh. The reviewer expresses satisfaction with the refinements made by Creative Assembly Sophia since the release of Total War: Troy, stating that the results are just shy of glorious.

If you have any specific questions about the review or if you’d like more details on a particular aspect, feel free to ask!

Conclusion: Historical Total War Reimagined

In conclusion, Total War Pharaoh marks the triumphant return of the historical Total War. Despite some rough edges, the game successfully revitalizes the series with its focus on ancient Egypt. The captivating campaign, in-depth empire management, and visually stunning battles make Pharaoh a noteworthy addition to the Total War franchise.

While the peripheral regions may not match the depth of Egypt, and some minor bugs affect certain mechanics, the overall experience is a testament to Creative Assembly Sophia’s dedication to refining the Total War formula. As you navigate the Nile, defend against invasions, and shape the destiny of your empire, Total War: Pharaoh truly brings historical strategy gaming to new heights.

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